Losing Weight In Lockdown

Many places are currently in lockdown for Coronavirus. This means individuals and families are not allowed out of the house except for a few specified reasons: many workplaces are closed and may never reopen, social gathering places, such as hotels and clubs are closed, exercise centers and gyms are closed and even where you can get out, your time is limited.

There can be a temptation to eat and drink whatever you can because you feel powerless to change what is happening around you. You may be lonely, you may not be able to see your family, you may not be able to meet your friends or attend your usual social gatherings and food (and alcohol) may seem like friendly substitutes. They are NOT, they will cheat you out of your health and help you gain weight if you use them to help you feel “better”.

You Are Powerful

You have a great deal of power over your life, if you choose to exercise it.

Step Outside The Box

Challenge yourself to step outside the box. Do something that you have previously feared or that made you feel panicked, uncomfortable or scared. When choosing something to do, keep in mind that:

1. Most of the things we worry about, never take place. Even if it has or will take place, it is usually not as bad as we feared. If it is, we WILL get through it.

2. Doing something  that you have previously panicked about will make you a stronger person.

3. You will gain more confidence and personal supremacy. You will feel powerful, not powerless.

4. Your past does not equal your future

Have you done anything lately that really scared you, but after you did it, you realized you had more confidence and personal power? If you haven’t, try it! The only way to get past your fear of doing something is to: Do It… Do It Now! And you will be shocked. It will be the best feeling on earth.¬†Stepping outside the box and getting uncomfortable is the only way to grow as a human being. Courage is not “feeling no fear” it is feeling scared and uncomfortable, yet doing it anyway.

Do you want to achieve your goals? If so, you have to stretch yourself, get out of the rut of your comfort zone, and take chances!

  • Challenge yourself;
  • Stretch your thinking;
  • Embrace diverse ideas;
  • Try new things.

Your world will begin to expand and your confidence will grow. Your dreams will come alive and your possibilities will be endless! It will be a powerful time!

Feeling Powerful Can Overcome Weight Gain

If you challenge yourself and develop your personal power, it can overcome the cravings for excess food or for alcohol and help you avoid weight gain during lockdown. Only you know what would challenge you and help you develop your power. Some ideas would be

  • Find a way to get more exercise, whether that’s climbing stairs, lifting furniture, doing cleaning(!), working out with the kids, getting your daily 1 hour exercise, clean off your bike, do body weight exercises, take up yoga or pilates, find an exercise class online and join in
  • Do something that is scary to you personally. Make a video or a presentation online. Start writing that novel you always threatened to write. Take up a new creative art. Research your family history. Throw out some of that clutter you have been accumulating. Tidy your drawers or wardrobe. Find a diet that you like the sound of and find out all about it. Start it. Write a letter to someone.
  • Learn something new. A new language (or improve your ability), a new form of exercise, improve your cooking, try a new way of eating, take up the guitar or singing, write poetry, learn to create a website or write a blog or a programming language. Learn to identify birds or trees or architectural artifacts.
  • Overcome a disappointment. If you have suffered a big disappointment, find a way to get over it. This may require acceptance that your choice is not to be or you may need to find the courage to redo something or start again. If you have failed an exam, not succeeded in getting a job you wanted, then decide what you can do to make your dream come true.
  • For people who have always been busy, suddenly having to stay in and do nothing can be very challenging. You could start writing a journal, take up meditation, or relaxation or find some way to slow down, maybe reconnect with yourself or nature. Take advantage of the break and use it to your advantage.
  • Get social. If you have lost your physical social life, learn to develop a new one online.
  • If you are not in the vulnerable categories and not self-isolating, you may be able to volunteer to help others by dog walking, fetching prescriptions, doing shopping. There are also volunteer activities for those who must stay in, such as phoning vulnerable people who are locked in, etc. There are many voluntary activities you could do. Look online for local opportunities.

Feel Your Power: Keep Healthy


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