The Best And Fastest Diet


When it comes to losing weight fast, you can find a variety of options available. Many of these diets have the same principles, but there are also some important differences. For example, one type of fast diet involves strict calorie restriction. This method can be difficult to follow in the long run, as it forces you to make tough decisions about what to eat and what to skip.

On the other hand, a different type of fast diet involves eating more moderate portions of higher-calorie foods. This fast diet is a good option if you’re not looking to sacrifice your entire life. However, some people find it difficult to stick to it because they don’t like the taste of the food.

There are several other types of fast diets, including ketogenic diets and the Atkins diet. Most fast diets are unsustainable long term, though not all. Often, dieters who restrict their calories or food intake experience cycles of bingeing and extreme restriction. This fluctuation in weight can be hard on the body and can lead to a variety of health problems.

Longer Term Weight Loss

So, a better diet for quick weight loss is one that promotes eating in moderation and enjoying food. If you’re unable to adhere to the rules, you can opt for meal replacements. These diets provide low-calorie shakes, nutrition bars, and fruits and vegetables. Unlike other diets, meal replacements can be helpful for those who are unable to eat large quantities of food. However, these diets can also lead to overeating which will counteract the benefits of the diet. In addition, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses should consult a nutritionist before trying a fast diet. In addition to calorie reduction, the Fast Diet discourages alcohol on fasting days and allows you to drink alcohol only in moderation on “off days”.

Intermittent Fasting

Unlike crash diets and daily dieting, fasting periodically can be a more effective weight loss strategy. If you are committed to losing weight, a one or two days a week fast regime  can be a good option. In addition to its popularity, this diet also offers numerous health benefits. By restricting your calories on fasting days, you can expect to lose up to 2lb of weight over a week. The best part of this diet is that it is highly flexible, so it can be adapted to almost any lifestyle.


Another fast diet option is juicing. This method involves drinking juices that are high in fiber and vitamin C. The juices from fruits and vegetables are not only tasty, but can help you lose weight. However, juicing cannot be sustained long term. You can also opt for cabbage soup diet, which is a delicious way to lose weight quickly. However, you may find this method tedious if you follow it for more than a day.

My Choice For Best And Fastest Diet

I have tried a number of diets, including the Atkins, 5:2 intermittent fasting, BSD800 and Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and lost weight on all of them, provided I stuck to the dietary rules. Personally, I find that a keto type diet is the best for me long term but for fastest weight loss, I would start with the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, using the One Meal a Day Option (OMAD) – see below – on which you can lose 2 pounds a day (depending of course on your starting weight and your metabolism) and then move to  a keto type diet for the longer term. The Mediterranean diet is also a good diet for long term. Check the buttons on the right hand side of the page for links to all of these, if you want to know more.

One Meal A Day

This is a variation on the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet (CAD) which is a form of intermittent fasting, where you fast for 23 hours a day and eat for one hour in the day. You can eat anything you like in that hour but once you start eating, you must stop as soon as the hour is up. No snacks or any other meals are allowed in the day. You can drink water, black tea or black coffee at any time in the day but no calories except during your one hour a day.

Funnily enough, your body gets used to this and if you do happen to feel hungry, tell yourself “I can eat whatever I like at ….” – adding in your preferred meal time.