DAY 2 – Ditch The Soda

Picking a bottle or can from the shelf is a pretty normal activity these days, not only to satisfy thirst but also to have something to do with the hands or to prevent mouth boredom. But the can or bottle you choose can have a big effect on your weight and even on your bone strength and teeth, possibly leading to a greater likelihood of bone fractures or tooth loss and decay. If you are thirsty, choose water or milk. Choosing any other beverage may help you gain weight or suffer thinning bones. If you want to ditch the plastic too, bring your own mug or container! So the diet for a day tip for day 2, is to find a drink other than soda or fizzy drinks, both to help with weight loss and to keep your bones strong.

Liquid Carbohydrate

Research shows that more beverages are being consumed than ever before. These are any drink other than plain water and they are contributing more energy to people’s diets than ever before. Many are just purely liquid carbohydrate and because the body does not recognise the food value of the liquid carbohydrate as quickly as when eating solid carbohydrates, there is a greater risk of over eating when using these drinks.

An experiment carried out giving people either additional liquid beverages or solid food showed that those taking the solid food decreased their other food intake to compensate for the calories they received in the solid food. This did not happen with those who received the additional liquid carbohydrate.

HFCS Sweetened Soda Increases Body Weight

Many manufacturers use High Fructose Corn Syrup (HCFS) to sweeten their drinks as it is cheaper than sugar. An experiment was carried out where normal weight people were given HFCS sweetened drinks over a period of 3 weeks. Both males and females significantly increased their calorie intake and put on weight during this time.

Diet Soda Linked To Weight Gain

You might think that using diet soda, soda sweetened with artificial non-calorie sweeteners, would help keep weight down but in fact, the use of artificially sweetened beverages is linked with weight GAIN! It seems that sweet tastes, whether natural (sugar) or artificial increase the appetite.

Carbonated Beverages Linked to Lower Bone Density

It used to be thought that fizzy drinks removed the calcium from your bones, resulting in more bone fractures in teenagers and older women who drank these. While those who drink fizzy drinks are likely to have thinner bones and suffer more fractures, recent research suggests this is because these people are drinking less milk and therefore have less calcium available to build strong bones.

Carbonated Beverages (Fizzy Drinks) May Lead To Tooth Decay And Loss

The bubbles in fizzy drinks make the liquid more acid and this can lead to loss of tooth enamel and decay.