Day 8 – Try Appetite Management

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Wellness And Appetite Management

Sometimes, we are just not well, nothing particular you can identify, just feeling Blah! You may have no energy, feel tired or ignored or not supported. Of course, if you feel seriously unwell or tired, then check with your medical adviser but when we feel a bit under the weather we often turn to comfort eating or general snacking, never even noticing that we are eating a lot more than we need, even though we are not hungry. With all this going on, it can be very hard to try dieting, even for one day.

So, instead of dieting, try managing your appetite. There are products available that can boost your immune system, give you extra energy and help you manage your appetite, without you having to think of any diet at all, even for a day. I have personally tried all of these. I do not sell them, the links are to someone who does sell them and who you can check out on Facebook. I do NOT get commission from these products, this is purely a personal review.

  1. Smart coffee, in a tub or as “grab and go” sticks can energize your day, so you have more get up and go. The sticks taste slightly different from the tub coffee. Personally, I prefer the tub coffee, some prefer the stick coffee. They are very similar in taste, just slight differences.
  2. Alternatively, try Smart capsules, (coffee in a capsule) that not only energize but also contribute to appetite management.
  3. SLM Tea can cleanse, detox and reset your system and also improve your sleep. Just one grab and go stick every other day can improve your whole system. You can drink this as a hot or cold drink, or add to a hot or cold drink of your choice. My favourite hot drink is hot ginger and lemon, made with sliced ginger root, boiling water and lemon juice. I like SLM tea added to that.
  4. Defend “grab and go” sticks will boost and fortify your immune system. The taste is absolutely amazing – love it.
  5. NEW ITEM – smart cocoa. Same results as coffee but in a chocolate (cocoa) format. I just add a little boiling water to the powder and mix, then add the rest of the water. No need for milk, unless you want. I found this very sweet at first but soon got used to it. You can mix this half and half with smart coffee to make a mocha drink.
  6. LATEST – detox. A group of the above products, together with a suggested meal plan to detox your body and help you losr weight.

You don’t have to try dieting with these products, they naturally help you improve your health, boost your immunity, increase your energy levels and manage your appetite.

Free Samples

Check out this page and scroll to the bottom to get free samples that you can try as part of your “diet for a day” strategy and see whether something like this could help your appetite management ability.

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