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With costs of everything, food, fuel, etc going up and up and incomes going down, it’s maybe time to go back to looking at low cost meals for feeding ourselves. This can contribute to weight management by providing filling nutritious meals that cut down on the need for topping up with candy and cookies. This article provides a free, downloadable meal planner to help plan meals.

Some people may be wondering about a diet they can do for one day, or possibly whether they can eat just one meal a day to lose weight. The latest article covers this.

Appetite management

Stuck in lock down with food or alcohol your only consolation? Read the post about appetite management or fasting or even the one about losing weight while on lockdown.

For many people, myself included, the thought of 8 or 10 weeks, or worse, a lifetime of being on a diet is really off-putting when it comes to losing weight. As one person put it, “I’ll try it for a day but no longer”. I laughed but then when thinking about it, a day is all that’s needed. I can eat healthily and mindfully for a day and maybe you can too?

Maybe tomorrow, I will do the same and perhaps you could do it too? It means we do not have to think about a time 8 or 10 weeks or more in the future when the diet can stop because that’s where the problem lies. And it also means that if you find you cannot “do the diet” one day, that’s OK because you just start again tomorrow. There’s no falling off the bandwagon “forever” and stopping eating healthily because of one slip or moment of forgetfulness or a temptation you just could not resist.

Have you tried a number of different diets? Did they work? Yes they probably did, if you followed them. But once you stopped “following the diet”, the weight piled back on.

The trick is to find a lifetime way of eating that you can follow and enjoy without feeling constrained or deprived. It may be losing that one food item that piles on the pounds or it maybe keeping a journal, using a motivation chart or finding a supportive group that can help you stay on track.

There are also other factors involved in gaining weight or not losing it, not just the food. For some people, the way their body produces insulin may be different from how other people’s bodies produce it and these people may be Carbohydrate Addicts. By following the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet, you can manage your insulin release and feel free, maybe for the first time, of those desperate urges to eat carbohydrates.

Researchers are finding that sleep and hormones are important. Your gut bacteria matter too. There are also a number of tips and tricks that don’t really count as “dieting”, that may help you lose weight, such as checking up on your vitamin levels for weight loss or perhaps using milk or a juice drink before meals to curb your appetite. For some people, stress or boredom are big factors in over eating and it’s important to remember that over eating today does not HAVE to mean overeating tomorrow because there are products that may help you manage your appetite, possibly without even noticing! And there are tips and tricks for helping with stress and boredom that do not involve eating.

One Day Tips Hints And Tricks on Dieting

This site contains general information on diet and weight loss and also articles on other factors that can affect your particular weight loss concerns, especially those factors that can be applied for one day (at a time). Day 1, with a downloadable worksheet, Day 2 with an item that could be eliminated from your diet, Day 3 with restricted hours Day 4, where you restrict calories 1 or 2 days a week, Day 5 – when all else fails,  Day 6 – mindfulness when eating, Day 7 – using a journal – and Day 8 – appetite management – are already available. As the information builds up, the special “try a diet for a day” articles will form the basis of a report that you will be able to keep to try out for yourself. If you would be interested in a report like this, or if you would like them sent by email in a weekly update, let me know through the contact form.