DAY 3 – Cut Down The Hours

There are various techniques to cutting the number of calories you eat, without having to count them. One of them is called 16:8. This diet allows you to eat during 8 hours of the day but nothing except water during the other 16 hours in the day.

How To Do It

You may think this is easy, it’s not, at least not for everyone. Most adults are awake for more than 8 hours in the day and this technique means you have to wait until a certain time (of your choice) before starting to eat and not eat later than 8 hours after your first food of the day.

Say you wake at 7 a.m. If you were to have your breakfast then, you would need to finish your last meal of the day by 3 pm, which is early for most people. So those who have tried it suggest waiting until 11 am before having breakfast, which allows you to finish eating for the day at 7 pm, which suits many lifestyles.

How Does It Work?

It appears to work in several different ways. One, because it cuts down the hours during which you eat, so possibly reducing snacking, as well as total caloric intake. Two, many people wait until later in the morning before starting to eat, so your body goes into slight nutritional ketosis, which can help reduce weight. Three, because many people go to bed early to avoid eating, which means they get more sleep, which gets the two hormones Ghrelin and Leptin into better balance, helping keep weight down.

Try It For A Day

This is a diet you can definitely try for a  day. You can tell yourself “it’s just for today, tomorrow I can eat when I want.” Doing this just for one day can definitely help. It’s possible you may eat more on the following day, however, it is unlikely that you will eat ALL the calories missed out on the previous day, so averaging your calories out over the two days may see a drop in what you consumed in total. If you can try this for several days, you may well see a drop in weight, without having to count calories or consider what you are actually eating.