Day 7 – Use A Bullet Journal For Dieting

When you think about a bullet journal for dieting, you may wonder how that fits into dieting for a day. Well, you only need to fill in a bullet journal a day at a time too. You could just use a single page for that day’s goals or achievements or recipes or whatever you want.

What Is A Bullet Journal

It rather sounds like a little black book that’s filled with bullets doesn’t it?. But that’s not it at all. A bullet journal has pages filled with a grid pattern of dots so that you can easily draw lines or diagrams, make boxes and write or use the journal however you want to make your life easier and more productive. For example, you could use it as a weight loss diary or a daily, weekly or monthly weight loss tracker. You do not HAVE to have a special bullet journal of course, you can also use a blank journal, which some people prefer. If you have never used a book like this before, you can get practice ones that allow you to try out these types of pages, to see whether you like and enjoy them before committing to a full journal like this.

A journal, especially a bullet journal can give you some great ways to take weight loss seriously, even on a day to day basis. Many people use bullet journals for setting and tracking their goals and the day-to-day activities that will help them achieve these. If you are serious about dieting then you will want to think about some ways to create a journal that suits you. You don’t have to buy a printable weight loss journal if you don’t want to, you can just use a notebook or an old school exercise book that you have lying around. Or you can download free printable weight loss trackers and just keep these loose sheets of paper and bind them when you have a number of them or keep them in a file or folder. But once you realize all the great benefits of keeping a bullet journal, you will want one for your weight loss motivation, records, ideas and recipes.

Meal Preparation

You can use your bullet journal for meal preparation ideas and a record of which meals you made when. This is really useful when someone complains they are getting the same meal too often. Go back over your meal records and find a meal you haven’t made for a while. Instead of tracking calories (and everything else) every time you make a meal, do it once for each recipe, then you have it all at your fingertips.

A Good Weight Loss Foods Journal

Another way you can create a bullet journal for dieting is to actually make your own meal replacement shakes and smoothies. It’s easy enough to create a good shake or a smoothie. All you need is fresh fruit, a blender, some fresh milk, a banana if you want a summer smoothie, some water to mix everything in and some protein powder if you want the shake to be low calorie but high protein. You could also add yogurt, or a variety of other healthy items into the blender for extra nutrients. Add some ice to cool it down for a few minutes, and you have a perfectly healthy breakfast for weight loss. Keep a record of the ones you like, even take a photograph of your favorites and stick the pictures in your bullet journal and you have a great motivation tool for starting out your day in a healthy way.

Don’t forget about Green Smoothies too. To prepare these smoothies, you only need your blender and ice, along with green items of course. You can eat as many of the green smoothies as you want and they are high in nutrients. Since the smoothie is also high in fiber content, it will help you feel fuller faster. The high fiber content will help you burn more fat, which will lead to long term weight loss!

Keep Your Shopping List For Dieting

There are some great dieting products available on the Internet that could help you lose weight and keep it off. If you decide to try any of them, keep a record of the ones you use and the dates and track your weight to see whether they work for you. Keep a graph, for instance and mark on it the dates when you started and ended taking a particular product.

Use a shopping list for tracking what you are eating, and what to buy. Keep the shopping list in your journal, and if you have a smartphone, you could photograph the list, so you have it with you. Your shopping list should have the essentials of what you need for your chosen diet, including pills and supplements if you choose to take these.

You should develop a system for meal planning before you try any dieting program. If you don’t meal plan before you shop, you will get in the habit of buying things you don’t need or want and that can cause waste or provide temptations you do not need. If you don’t meal plan, you may end up eating fast food during the day. That’s not how you burn fat! If you develop a system for meal planning, you will avoid this problem and be able to focus on enjoying the food you are eating.

Tracking Your Progress

A great way to keep track of your progress is to keep a record of your weight loss or gain, as well as meals and snacks. You can also track your calories, fat grams, carbohydrates grams, fiber grams per serving, and many other measurements. By tracking your progress regularly, you will be able to see your own progress and be motivated to eat healthier.

These trackers are effective because they make you focus on losing weight rather than the numbers on your scale. You will be motivated to find ways to change your life and make a difference.

By using these tips you will start losing weight today! Remember, there’s never too much information!