DAY 5 – When All Else Fails

Can’t Lose Weight

Sometimes you feel you have tried everything to lose weight! You have cut out candy and soda, bread and pasta, even alcohol but that weight stays stubbornly stuck. Going on a low calorie or low carb diet might shift it but sometimes the thought of going on one of those diets is just too much. You KNOW that cutting calories or cutting the carbs down really low WILL work, at least it did 10 or 20 years ago but you just can’t find the inspiration or motivation to do one of those again.

The problem is that weight loss can be hard if your reasons for eating are not just “to live”. You may be under stress and the stress hormone, cortisol, can keep that weight sticking to your body. You may be eating through habit, or “mouth boredom” – you go into the kitchen and open the cupboard and snack even if you’re not hungry. Maybe you haven’t got something low calorie available instead; or perhaps the sugar-free gum just doesn’t hit the mark in competition with a gallon of ice cream. Maybe you just feel hungry ALL the time and the thought of doing without something to eat makes you feel upset, so you eat, just in case. Lack of sleep or feeling thirsty can also make you feel you need something to eat. If you have tried everything, improving your sleep patterns, reducing stress, drinking more water, preparing a low calorie snack or sugar-free gum to cover those times when you really need something to chew and you still can’t lose weight then maybe it’s time for a new approach.

Time For Something Different

When you have tried everything else and you either can’t get your eating under control or you can’t lose weight, it’s NOT lack of willpower, it may be that your own subconscious is sabotaging your efforts to reach a healthy weight. In this case, you may want to try hypnosis. Now, I know hypnosis is not for everyone. Some people have a moral dislike of it, others may feel worried about not being in control. And if you are being treated for certain conditions, you MUST consult your doctor about whether hypnosis is suitable for you. These include mental health conditions and may also include some other medical conditions. You also should not use hypnosis when in a moving vehicle or operating machinery.

Hypnosis is basically just a state of very deep relaxation. Try taking a few deep breaths. Shrug your shoulders up to your ears and hold them for a second, then drop them. You should feel relaxed just doing that. Now, just imagine feeling as relaxed as you ever have been and then more. Feeling warm, comfortable and drowsy, with nothing to do and no one calling on your time. That’s the kind of relaxing feeling you get with hypnosis. The relaxation stages can be great at getting you to sleep at night! Some people would love to use sleep hypnosis for weight loss but it is preferable that you stay awake to listen to the weight loss suggestions, though it does not matter if you should fall asleep.

There are many hypnosis weight loss programs available and I have tried a few. The problem is, they often try to get the listener to stick to a particular diet or to eat less and that isn’t always going to work if your over-eating is because of lack of sleep, stress, mouth boredom etc.

Do you know the most successful, long-term weight loss method? it’s surgery. It’s called bariatric surgery and it involves putting a band (called a gastric band) around the stomach to make it smaller. Why is it successful? Because after the surgery, your stomach can hold only a small amount of food. If you eat more than a small amount at a time, you get very uncomfortable. This overcomes all the problems of mouth boredom, habit eating, stress eating, etc because the discomfort of over-eating is stronger than your desire for food. And eventually, your body gets used to eating less and doesn’t crave the extra. A number of celebrities have used bariatrc surgery to lose weight when nothing else worked for them. But it’s still surgery. It’s an operation, it’s expensive, it takes recovery time: and surgery ALWAYS carries a risk.

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What if you could get the benefits of a gastric band without having to have surgery, even if you could afford it? You can, with a hypnosis program that tells your body that you have had this surgery. There is a new gastric band surgery hypnosis program available, called Neuro-Slimmer, that makes your body feel it has had this surgery and so you can only eat small amounts. This helps you to lose weight, almost without trying. To get more information on this click here. Or you can see a whole page more information here.