DAY 6 – Dieting And Being Mindful

Losing Weight By Making The Right Choices Each Day

There is no question that exercising and staying active can help to lose weight. But for those who have experienced the many diet cycles that only deliver up to a certain point, it quickly becomes clear that losing weight is mostly about leading an overall healthy lifestyle. So, yes, keep doing those exercises and keep the blood pumping, while you combine dieting and being mindful for a dramatic boost. You can try the tips below for a day. Try one of them each day or keep doing the ones that you find most beneficial.

To give you some idea of how influential your choices are regarding food and eating habits, consider the following.

Slow Down The Pace

Even though life in general moves at a relatively fast pace, it doesn’t mean you have to eat fast as well. However, with all the fast-food restaurants opening up on every block, it’s hard not to fall into the habit like everyone else. Sometimes, eating with or alongside certain other people can encourage you to eat faster than normal. This can quickly become a habit with painful results.

Make no mistake, it’s not a cardinal sin to eat some takeaways now and again, but the point is to slow down the tempo with which you eat. More specifically, implement mindful eating. This is a process where you chew at least twenty times before swallowing, and really paying attention to every bite. Some foods, especially meat, need 50 chews before swallowing.

Not only will you naturally eat less, but you won’t feel lazy or tired after your meal. And it’s because you gave your stomach time to notify the brain – it’s full. In addition, that saliva in your mouth gets a chance to carry out its part of the digestive process.

Consider Why You Eat In The First Place

When you walk into the store, there are rows and rows of food choices available. And thanks to all these options, it’s easy to lose sight of why you have a meal in the first place.

Of course, it keeps you alive. But what you put into your body has a direct effect on your well-being. So, instead of just grabbing your groceries and rushing for an open counter, pay attention to what you are buying. What are you going to put in your body today, for this week or month?

The fact is that you eat in order to get energy. Without energy, you feel depressed, overwhelmed, and you won’t be productive. That means you need to have healthy eating habits if you want to gain the most energy your body can give. Cut down on processed food.

Stay Hydrated

Light hunger pains aren’t always a sign of actual hunger. In some cases, you might just be a little dehydrated, and it’s another way for your body to tell you – drink some water.

As a tip, drink a glass of water about thirty minutes before a meal and see how it helps you eat just enough to keep you on the move.

Find Healthy Substitutions

A lot of the time, eating is just out of habit. You get one lunch break, and you may feel that if you don’t make the most of it you might find yourself hungry at certain periods throughout the day. That can mean eating enough to last you until dinner, and doing it quickly, which can lead to tiredness after lunch.

What people don’t realize is that their metabolic systems are more efficient with smaller portions and it gets done quicker. In other words, eat a good breakfast, followed by a healthy snack during your coffee breaks, and keep your lunch modest.

If you want to go back to work feeling ready for another 4 hours, dieting and being mindful really is the type of combination that can make it happen.

What Is Mindfulness

Mindfulness just means being aware or paying attention. For some people, it means being in the “here and now”, rather than thinking of what is past or yet to come. In terms of eating, it means being aware of what you are eating and paying attention to how you are eating it. Quite often, we eat a meal without paying attention to what it contains or how we are eating it. Try being aware of your food and eating habits just for one day and see what difference it makes to your way of eating and your personal well being.